From “Essentialism” by Greg McKeown

Coming into 2020, I wanted to pick up a business book to read. I asked for recommendations from my social network and I searched online for what others regarded as the “top” business books to read. The topic of “doing less, but better” was appealing to me because I tend to have a pretty full calendar of things to do, and, at times, it can be overwhelming to choose what to work on. That “choice” is what Greg stresses in his book. As a result, I’m thinking more about the options I have, and making a conscious choice to work on the things that have the most impact and that matter the most to me. For instance, this journal entry…it had been quite a while since I last posted something on my WordPress site. I was pleased to see that WP added a “block editor” which I am using right now…sitting in the comfort of a warm home…on a snowy, wintry day. I chose this activity as “what matters” and what is essential for today.


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