Great example of what I want to work on next…#smartphone #point-of-care #lab-on-a-chip

If I could wave my magic wand and work on anything in the next chapter of my technology career, it would be something like this:

A team of researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the University of Washington at Tacoma has developed a novel platform to diagnose infectious disease at the point of care, using a smartphone as the detection instrument in conjunction with a test kit in the format of a credit card.

The 24-hour cancer blood test

This is the article that opened my eyes to the area of liquid biopsies for early cancer detection.  As it turns out, the area of liquid biopsies has a long way to go to be an acceptable method for early cancer detection.  However, it is helping accelerate the development of cancer treatments, particularly for the pharmaceutical industry.

24-hour cancer blood test from a GP